Find Self-Healing Through The Use Of Breath

Breakthrough Breathwork is a simple dynamic breathing technique that
heals you physically, emotionally and mentally, and allows a deeper
connection with your Self.

Benefits of Breakthrough Breathwork:
• Release tension and stress, and experience the most profound relaxation
• Let go of pent-up emotions such as fear, anger, sadness and grief
• Heal past and present traumas including the birth trauma
• Heal physical pain and injuries
• Expand your chest and lungs to breathe more freely
• Open up your heart to feel more love
• Improve relationships with your family and friends
• Connect to the ecstasy, love and peace within
• Increase awareness and mental clarity
• Open to deep unforgettable spiritual experiences

Breakthrough Breathwork is the practice of Conscious Connected
Breathing. Its use enables us to deepen our experiences and access
dormant parts, submerged into unconsciousness or never explored. It is a
tool for inner work and it produces change.

What Does a Session Look Like?
A session lasts two hours. At the beginning I will discuss with you how you would like to benefit from the session. This is followed by an explanation of
the Breakthrough Breathwork technique. You will then lie down comfortably
on a futon and practice the breathing technique for about one and a half
hours. I will gently guide you through the process in a safe, supportive, and caring environment. Music will be playing throughout the session. After you finish practicing the breathing technique I will talk with you about your experience.

A series of ten sessions on a weekly basis is strongly recommended to
best experience the cumulative benefits of Breakthrough Breathwork.

Call for your free fifteen-minute phone consultation to determine if Breakthrough Breathwork is right for you.

(303) 349-8584

$90 for each Individual Session for a maximum of 12 sessions. 15% off a package of 10 individual sessions.

Breakthrough Breathwork Workshops in Denver:
Available on weekends or evenings. Workshop rates are $45 per session. Call for upcoming workshop dates.

$10 off first breathwork session