At Massage Therapy-Denver, my commitment is to provide an environment of healing and wellness for all of my clients through massage therapy, caraniosacral therapy and breathwork. My goal is to facilitate BALANCE in your life by helping you to RELIEVE daily stress and tension, REJUVENATE your energy, and RECOVER your body’s natural healing potential - even with injury or chronic pain.

Come experience a complete rejuvenation of mind, body and soul using time-honored techniques such as craniosacral therapy, massage therapy and breathwork. Let me help your body help itself.

“My passion is for each of my clients to
rediscover their natural body balance, to
develop a real, intimate awareness of their
body’s needs and how to meet those needs
within their body limitations and lifestyles. In
other words, to help each person develop
more awareness about what they need to
do to maintain a healthy, balanced life that
results in greater health and well-being.”
Vanessa Trupp, owner