Calm Your Mind And Heal Your Body.

I use twenty years of body work experience and my intuition to adapt
and combine a number of different massage techniques - Swedish Massage,
Shiatsu, Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, Sports Massage, Passive Joint Movement, Stretching, and CranioSacral Therapy
- to effectively
address each individual’s specific needs.

Questions to Contemplate
• Do you have a stressed lifestyle?
• Do you have low energy level?
• Do you have sore muscles from
• Do you have neck and back pain?
• Do you have migraines, sciatica or whiplash?
• Do you have mystery pain?
• Do you experience numbness in your arms and hands?
• Do you have to modify your daily activities because of pain?

Massage therapy gives you a roadmap of stress in your body. Many times
people don't know how much stress they're carrying until they have a
massage; then they're able to feel it and let go of it. As I stretch and
loosen your muscles and connective tissues, stress and muscular
tension are released. Once you have an awareness of where stress
lodges in your body, you can begin to do something about it. You start
to educate yourself and your body, and you reverse a negative cycle.

My specialty, Neuromuscular Therapy, increases circulation, breaks
up scar tissue, decreases muscle tension, eliminates trigger points,
promotes relation and relieves pain.

Here are some of my clients’ experiences with my massage.

A true master of her craft…Vanessa is fearless and due to her
experience and skill her technique bests any you may find in the best
spas in any city of the world…I have been an avid follower for 15

Mark Mead, Mortgage Broker

There is a trust I feel and she seems to know intuitively what my
circulation, connective tissue, what my body needs. I feel more
relaxed and at peace at the end, but also more integrated and whole
Priscilla Heisel, Registered Nurse

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Session Options:
One Hour Session $70
5 One-Hour Sessions $320

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