My mission is to help my clients become more aware of their own
bodies—not just temporarily relieve discomfort. I am committed to
helping my clients to rediscover their natural body balance and to
develop an intimate awareness of their own body needs. I work with
my clients to help them become more present within their bodies, and
to embrace discomfort so that it can be released.

My passion is to help you develop more awareness about what you
can do to maintain a healthy, balanced life that results in greater
well-being. Working within your own body limitations and lifestyle,
I teach stretching, breathing exercises, and meditation to assist you in
your continued healing and maintenance. I am committed to helping
you gain clarity on your individual challenges, and help relieve your
daily stress and tension. I want to help you recover from past injuries,
chronic pain and help you rejuvenate your energy. My goal is to help
you find balance in your body, mind, heart and spirit.