I have been coming to Vanessa for many years now to help manage
pain and stress. The body alignment treatments I have received have
revived my body as well as my mind. She always seem to know
those areas of my body that need special attention and after each
session I walk away with feelings of security. Thank you, Vanessa, for
all your special attention and friendship
Lynda Buckner, Bank Manager

I have a tremendous amount of stress in my business. I had tightness
that would never go away. Vanessa helps me to learn to let go and
release the stress. I‘ve had other massages previously to Vanessa
and no one else compares. I float out of her office. It’s absolutely
wonderful! I recommend her highly.

Susie Casady, Success Mortgage

After receiving neuromuscular massage treatment from Vanessa, I
have found that much of the pain and swelling from my Reflex
Sympathetic Dystrophy condition has been alleviated. Thanks for
giving me an alternative that is working.

Sheldon S. Rosenfeld, Associate VP-Investments, Cohig &
Associates, Inc.

Vanessa has allowed me to experience drug-free relief from my
chronic neck and shoulder pain. She has freed me from the extreme
pain from the acute attacks as well. Her therapeutic massage is

Deborah A. Fontaine, Nurse Practitioner

I have a chronic shoulder problem and Vanessa’s massage has
helped relieve the pain. Her calm manner and strength are a
wonderful combination to eliminate the stress of daily living.

Robin Roulette, Mother of two teenagers

For the past sixteen years Vanessa has been my first line of defense
in staying active and well. I bring Vanessa my body’s stresses and
strains, many of them self-inflicted by over enthusiasm on the golf
course, in the weight room, on the dance floor or in the pool. First of
all, Vanessa listens carefully and absorbs all you have to say. Then
with her great experience and caring, magical hands-on treatment she
eases all the pain and stress out of aching muscles and joints. Before
I ever think of going to my acupuncturist or physician, I pick up the
phone and call Vanessa - and she’s always there for me. If you ever
get the chance to have Vanessa Trupp work with you on your
physical issues, grab it! You’ll be glad you did.

Irene Weber, retired (75 years old)

As an avid, extreme sportsman, the question of getting injured is not
“IF”, but when? My last injury happened on a snowboarding trip. I
went off a hit over-rotating and nose-dived into flat ground from about
15 feet in the air. I landed on my right side, using my right arm to
break my fall. The impact fractured my wrist, broke my elbow and
amputated the tendon that attaches the rotator cuff to the bone. After
MRIs and X-rays, the doctors decided to immobilize the wrist and
elbow and perform surgery on the rotator cuff to reattach the tendon.
This surgery was by far the worst, most painful surgery/recovery I had
ever endured! My doctor predicted 10-12 months recovery time and
possible partial loss of range of motion. As the sole owner of a
business, I couldn’t afford to be laid up for long, have my mind
clouded by pain medication, nor stand the thought of not being 100%
normal again. I started physical therapy 4 weeks after surgery and
consistently went 3 times a week for 2 months without much progress. Obviously, I convinced myself, I needed to explore other forms of
treatment to expedite my recovery and shorten/lessen my extreme
misery. My girlfriend, Heather, referred me to Vanessa Trupp, owner
of Body Alignment Massage in San Diego. Vanessa treated her for
headaches, and several others at her law office for various problems.
Heather said Vanessa had amazing, unexplainable talent and
expertise for relieving pain, as well as understanding the complex
body. I was instantly interested and started treatment with Vanessa 2
times a week in-between my physical therapy appointments.
Vanessa went to work on me twice a week and focused solely on
getting range of motion, working the pain out of the scar tissue, and
relieving the muscles of all the strain they had endured by
compensation for the tendons and muscles that were not used due to
immobilization. Every visit I felt I was getting better and better, faster
and faster. Vanessa was able to teach me focused stretching,
breathing and concentration exercises on a much higher level than
my P.T. could ever imagine. My P.T. was amazed at my progress.
After just 5 visits of therapy from Vanessa, it Literally seemed that I
graduated from easy exercises to the more difficult overnight. Every
visit to my surgeon put a smile on his face when he measured my
progress and a bigger smile on my face knowing I was healing at
rapid, but safe rate even as my body’s screaming pain was lessening.Vanessa, you are a God-send and I am thankful I was able
to meet you and be healed by your knowledge and expertise, not only
with this injury, but with other ailments that have targeted my body
along the way. I am now 100% range of motion in my 8th month of
treatment. You have touched me both physically as well as mentally
in the short time I have know you, and I feel grateful to have been able
to experience your skill and talent. Thank you so much for your
dedication and concern for my well-being.
Aaron P Business owner

A true master of her craft…Vanessa is fearless and due to her
experience and skill her technique bests any you may find in the best
spas in any city of the world…I have been an avid follower for 15
Mark Mead, Mortgage Broker

There is a trust I feel and she seems to know intuitively what my
circulation, connective tissue, what my body needs. I feel more
relaxed and at peace at the end, but also more integrated and whole.

Priscilla Heisel, Registered Nurse